Should I still keep in touch once in a while with this lady or it is not necessary?

Last year in plain my crush died suddenly at the age of 47 of a heart attack while doing his routine morning bike ride. This guy was sport active, he liked to take care of himself, followed the keto diet but not literally just perhaps like 60% but the coroner found a fat clog in one of his arteries.

This guy I met 6 years back and he was my crush, we never really dated like a couple and we never were girlfriend/boyfriend either, but we hanged out like a few times just him and me and we had sex twice. I consider him to be my crush but a good friend at the same time, even if we did not hang out together much in 6 years. My male cousin was this guy best best best friend for 28 years, fo rmy cousin his death was devastated, his buddy, his trip pal gone forever.

Anyway due to this guy death. I met this guy`s mom for the very first time in my life after I sent her and the guys dad a sympathy flower arrangement to their house. SHe was very grateful of me doing that, even if she never met me before or even heard of me either. For that the mom wanted to meet me in person so we met for the first time in December of last year. She thought of me as a nice, humble lady and she had wished her son and I at least would had been more than just friends, you know a dating couple. But that never happened unfortunately, the guy never had any intentions of developing a serious relationship with me, he wanted to stay single always, never to marry in his future with me or any other woman, he was happy the way he was, single, not tied down, doing whatever he wanted as he was single., even hanging out with girls but more like friends, than anything else. He thought of me the same thing, even if we did end up having sex twice because we both had the hots for each other.

So after I met the mother, she wanted me to not loose touch with her and arrange more get togethers wsith her at her house. Maybe she felt good I was attracted to her son and she
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thought of me as a nice woman and a good friend now so she won't feel so alone, cause she has no other friends she speak with often or even close relatives this lady has, to keep in touch with for get togethers, and now has a woman (me) who also kind of knew her son and can talk to her. She has 2 other sons one is married and the other is single but dating a lady who has a son from a previous relationship. This mother does not get along well with her son wife and she hardly see her for that
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reason, she is manipulative. The other son girlfriend , lives with her boyfriend in the boyfriend house he shared with his mom.

The thing is my brother adviced me not to keep in touch with the mother so often or even arrange get togethers often, because is not doing any good to her, and also my brother told me that I have to move on and stop remembering the guy. Is my brother correct or he is being heartless? or men are not that sensitive.
Should I still keep in touch once in a while with this lady or it is not necessary?
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