Is my sister right questioning what we do or dont do in our own house?

Even if she does not even live in my house cause she is married and we dont butt in what she does on her own house, but she feels she has the right to do it in our house, beause she always says she does it beacuse she cares for us, otherwise she won't do it.

I have a sister who is married and often she pays mom a visit. My brother and myself we also live in the house so lets say she visit us as well. For the pandemic at this moment we dont have a maid who cleans our house, etc and since im unemployed Im the one who help around the house, by sweeping, cleaning the house, bathrooms, do laundry but I do it in my own time, I dont have like programmed days to do it anyway, no pressure. Well my sister is not so fond the house is cleaned like that. She wish our house will be cleaner like everyday. I mean I could clean the house like each 2 weeks, also beause noone besides her is visiting us, we dont receive guests everyday or often, or special guests, now with the pandemic people do not like to make house visits anymore. Not even my relatives are stopping by the house and Im not organizing parties or get togethers either at the house, now we rather go out and chit chat at cafeterias outside the house with few relatives. My sister each time she pays us a visit she acts liek an inspector, she starts to check the furniture, the floor, if iti s clean or dirty, she goes to our mom room to do the same. It is so annoying, cause she does that each time she pays us a visit. I mean our house is big and I acknowledge ther are house spaces that are a bit messy and we need to get rid of many old old stuff but I can't clean them all. We do what we can. My brother sometimes for his work do not have time to help either.
My house sister is smaller and she always have it clean and nice, but she can afford to pay a maid that goes to her house 3 times a week.
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Another thing I dont like of my sister is that he nags me when I dotn answer calls or texts right away when she calls me on my mobile. My sister is a person that she always seem to have her mobile like glued to her body. I mean I dont always answer immediately maybe I can take some hours or the next day or 2 next days, depending of how urgent is the matter. Well she nags me that I always answer late. I dont know but as the more she ages (she is 53) the more delicate and nagging she had became
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but I dont know if it is beause she is married to a guy who is very stiff and liek to do things in order, have things on time, not delay, zero chill out, etc she had learned to be like that as well.
Is my sister right questioning what we do or dont do in our own house?
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