Am I justified to be mad?

I (25) am on a family vacation atm. My mom (45), my dad, and I are all in one room. She woke everyone up at 5:45am with her full-volume alarm (didn’t tell anyone else that’s when she was getting up) and then turned the bathroom light on in everyone’s faces. I asked her to shut the door, she ignored me. My dad had to get up and be the one to shut it. Nothing else was said after this.

As soon as I walk out of the room later, my mom gets in my face. She’s pissed at me and says she’s having my grandma to give me “a talking to.” I didn’t even know what she was talking about at first until she started saying she didn’t know the layout of the house and was doing the best she could this morning. Then I realized she was referring to earlier. I told her all I asked was to close the door and to turn her alarm down. She started yelling at me, telling me I could leave, when we rode together in her car. Now I’m upset because she’s had my grandma and dad gang up on me as well to agree with her. My dad is just backing her because he doesn’t want her to lash out at him (he mentioned to me earlier when she was out of the room that it was annoying) and my grandma’s logic is “she’s my mom, so she’s automatically right.”

Now everyone is acting like I’m wrong for being upset over her coming at me. I’m autistic and situations like this are one of the few things that overstimulate me, which she knows. I feel it’s super unreasonable to jump to yelling and saying I can leave, when she could’ve just admitted she did something kinda inconsiderate and move along. (My mom has a habit of doing things like this, she’s been purposely farting on everyone on this trip as well) I also don’t feel like “not knowing the layout” of the house is really an excuse since she had just walked through the bathroom door and could’ve closed it, and has complete control over her own phone volume.

Am I justified to be upset or is she right? Thanks in advance!
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Am I justified to be mad?
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