Is my friend clingy or am I just a jerk?

Last night I was playing a game on my ps4. My friend sends me a party invite. I decline it, because I just don't feel like talking to him, because he talks about things I don't care about. I ignore the invite. Shortly after he texts me and says "I sent you an invite if you want to chat". I ignored that text for the time being. Then he messages me on psn "r u there". I just told him I was watching Netflix. I wasn't. I was playing a game but he leaves me alone if im watching Netflix. He texts back saying "oh sorry It says you were playing a game so thats why I messaged you". I say "oh i see". This game has many different maps and if you look at my status, it will say what map im playing on. He messages me saying "the maps kept rotating on your status so I thought it was legit lol". I feel like if I kept lying about it then it would be obvious so I just havnt responded. Is my friend clingy, or am I just being a major douche?
Is my friend clingy or am I just a jerk?
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