Is it wrong to stop financially helping others😭😭?

I’m not sure why I feel obligated to keep helping others who show jealousy all the time. Family or not I shouldn’t have to be on a guilt trip. my husband purchased me a new truck recently and all I received was a bunch of negative feedback. I am on the path to medical school and people out here thinking I’m rich. As much as I try to help others and be appreciative I am always in the store with the words “did you bring me something” or “can you bring me back some meat ”? “Can I have money to get my medicine”

Not long after they already left the store. I have tried to repay people back, but they always wanna do something sneaky with the money instead. it seems like when I try to help others out, the list becomes longer and longer. 😭😭I gave this woman some money and she ended up giving all her money away to a man. I say the words no to people for my own growth, but they wanna bring up the times they helped me out. They be putting me on a guilt trip
Is it wrong to stop financially helping others😭😭?
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