Why do her mother treat people like this?

so I've been staying with my fiancee and her mother and brother to keep them both from screaming and trying to latterly kill eachother. Well this ain't my question what is, is why in the hell does she not give a fuck about her own child's care. My fiancee had a weird thing with her kidneys and if she doesn't watch what she eats or drinks they get infected and she can die and when she was having one of her infection moments and didn't go to work her mom came home from asked me why ain't ain't at work. I said your daughter is really sick and she rolled her eyes and slammed the door. So why the fuck is it when your fucking little precious 13 year old kid who can't clean his own room eats everything in the house and is very disrespectful gets sick its an all 911 poor baby can miss school all he wants. But when my fiancee gets sick it's I don't give a shit if you fucking die your a piece of shit I wish I never had you. And please dont tell me it's because my fiancee reminds her mother of herself because let me tell you they don't act the same. And If it don't stop I might kill her myself. And no moving ain't an option right now we ain't got the money to buy a new appartment or what ever. So please someone help wrap my little mind around why the fuck does a mother choose to treat her own kid this way and why does the brother get to be the poor baby. And if he don't straighten up I might call CPS to have him taken away. So why?
Why do her mother treat people like this?
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