Do you think that friends should remain friends regardless if one of them have relationship issues with their SO?

I know 2 ladies who had been friends for more than 10 years. One of them have a 9yrd old daughter the other friend do not have kids but she is also married. They had been close and very good friends since many many years ago perhaps more than 10 years. They both are are instructors of aerobics at different gyms around the area, and in many of those gyms they coincide and are instructors at the same gym.. In the past they had both participated in local aerobics competition, in the same categories and both had won.

They both also belong to the same local aerobics team who participates in different local competitions around the area0 People who know them know they had been good friends for so many years and their respective spouses had also been good friends at the same time. But that closeness as friends changed this year for both around January as they start to grew apart from each other, you can seem them in person behaving differently, they barely speak to each other when they are together in the same room, they dont give classes together anymore well only one they do share at some gym they give classes but not all of them anymore.

The lady who got distant was the friend who has a 9yrd old daughter but she changed not only to his lady but to other people as well, the moment she got separated from her husband last year. I mean with her best friend she changed this year but she separated last year.
Her separation from her husband has nothing to do with her BFF. Her BFF is happily married and gets very well with her own husband, it has nothing to do with one of the lady friends cheating with her BFF husband any of that. Simply the lady who got separated was the one who got distant from her friend. The lady who got separated changed with many people after her separation.

Do you think that the friend who got separated from her husband should had remain friends with her BFF of so many years and her separation should had not interfered in their BFF
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friendship s the other friend had anything to do with her BFF separation?

It is sad to see them apart now, everyone knew them they were so so close and super BFF now they behave like acquaintances. One of them even attended the other marriage when they got married back then and even the BFF who has no kid attended the baby shower of her BFF when the daughter of the BFF was pregnant, they were like inseparables.
Do you think that friends should remain friends regardless if one of them have relationship issues with their SO?
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