Am I wrong to be upset at my bestie?

My best friend and I are not speaking I told her I'll talk to her later I'm upset with her really Because we are long distance met one time we hardly speak when we do we spend hours or few mins I understand when she is dating we gonna talk a lot less she a clingy girlfriend but she gets a crush the guys come first yes I'm upset I feel kind of pushed away when I try address the issue it like nope she understands but she really interested in knowing this guy there connection is so weird like ugh focus sweety this isn't the first time i don't know how to tell her it really bothers me we should work out a time we can stay connected I would like to chat with my bestie more too! I feel I'm over reacting though Because I really want her happy go look for love girl yess but im not sure how to still tell her focus we need to seriously talk about this issue. We been besties since she was 10 and I was 13 of course I love her dearly just how do I sit her ass down she barley got single met a guy then moved on now here this guy :( am I wrong for how I feel? Am I over reacting? Or is there a way I can still try fix this communication issue?
Am I wrong to be upset at my bestie?
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