Do I HAVE to forgive this family member?

We’re both in our 20s. He’s my cousin and my family has been constantly berating me that I “have” to forgive him for fat shaming me.

I was originally 240 lbs. I tried EVERYTHING to lose weight and then found out I had PCOS which makes it more difficult to lose weight. As a last option, my doctor recommended Bariatric surgery (surgery that helps you lose weight) I went for it and now I’m 170. I’ve lost 70lbs in 7 months. I still eat healthy and workout. Yet in a group chat with family, my cousin decided to “call me out” and say that I’m lazy and fat shamed me.

Even tho I do cardio 5x a week and have stuck to the diet that my dietician gave me. I don’t need people in my life that are gonna bring me down. What can I say at this point? I don’t see anything wrong with cutting out people in your life.
Do I HAVE to forgive this family member?
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