Do any of you ever deal with a toxic mom?

So my mom is getting really bad lately. She's calling & texting me all the time. She gets mad if I don't respond right away, and I mean like 30 seconds right away. She repeatedly complains about my dad who cheats on her and I told her, if you don't plan to leave him you need to keep this to yourself. She got mad. Welp get a divoce. I shouldn't even know about this.

Then she shoves it down my throat on how I NEED to be taking the BEST care of my younger bother. He's 24 lol, I taught him how to drive (she was too scared), he's on my car insurance (hers would be to expensive because my dad recks the car), he needs to live for FREE in MY HOUSE that I just bought (we have decided on rent that will cover his utility usage, food is on him), I NEED to call my aunt and MAKE SURE I complete her resume on time (she texted me the info when she had the chance and I got back to her when I got the chance), I NEED to make sure that my brothers finances are all good (like... he's budgeting he's been doing okay on $15 an hour), any sign of disagreement is meet with just rage & screaming. It's getting to the point where I don't even wanna talk to her.

I screenshotted some of these message & sent them to my younger bother like... bro I need you to correct mom. She's being a bitch about you again. He talks to her and then 3 months later she's back at it again.

I have talked a few theripsts about this and they all recommend that ignor this behavior. For weeks if I have to but I could really just use some support & ideas on how to handle her. Plus I lose out on time with my babies (dogs) because she's such a bitch.

FYI, my dad has been pretty cool lately. He was rough when I was a teenager 🤣🤣 but since I became an adult he's really been there.
Do any of you ever deal with a toxic mom?
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