Bragging friend?

Is my friend bragging or am I just overreacting? She constantly talks about men coming up to her a mistaking her for a model, or women (her other friends) being jealous of her, and her being approached by men over her other friends. She recently called me up to tell me this man called her other friend “ugly” and rejected the friend, only to call her (my friend) the “hot friend”, and how the rejected friend was “so upset and jealous of her.” She also constantly talks about her “long legs” and her “big lips” and tells me men on tinder compliment her lips all the time.

I get being proud of herself and I want her to be confident, but I don’t tell her every time a guy approaches or hits on me because it’s not important. I also don’t need to tell everyone about my looks. Why does she talk about these things all the time?
Bragging friend?
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