How do I handle my situation at Home, please I need help?

Ever since I was young I grew up in an abusive home, my father would hit my mother, he was always verbally, emotionally and physically abusive, I experienced these all at the age of 8 and even as I grew up, he went to therapy or whatever professional help he could get only after he hit my brother with hose, to be clear I’m the youngest yet I’m turning 25 graduated at university my sister is around 33 and my brother is around 38 now, my sister lost her job and had to return home and my brother still works, I have no actual connection with them whatsoever honestly apart from greetings etc, my brother was the most problematic, he is quite the opposite of me, he drinks, smokes, indulges in life’s simple pleasures, he is quite rebellious, always fought with my father, my sister is the golden child, even though she was also a bit rebellious, call it an in between balance of the siblings and then there’s me, I never caused problems, I never drank I never smoked, hell I never even had a girlfriend in my life, somehow I had grown up a bit too early, I am the odd one, the outcast, I didn’t have anyone, I was the one you were Pule make fun of, I mostly ate in the bathrooms at school, I got scolded, hit due to being bad at academics, then I got to university somehow I had changed, I’ve been the top student since I started in my first year up until even now, I was even appointed a tutor in a few modules, yet as always my family only sees my brother and sister now.. somehow they respect them more than I, they didn’t even pay for my fees due to my hard work but still, I was the one who always behaved, but I am always treated like trash, they way my parents talk to me is like I’m still 12 years old, and I have written quotes, contemplated existence, I can’t move out because I don’t have a stable job yet, since my sister lost her job I’m the one paying for her car, which is quite expensive, if they want to go out they don’t care, but with me it’s like I’m a prisoner
How do I handle my situation at Home, please I need help?
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