My mum didn’t get me what I wanted for Christmas this year how do I get what I want next year?

I want to explain why I’m so upset I got 6 small inexpensive gifts , they was lovely gifts don’t get me wrong I loved them my favourite was my Cheshire Cat dressing gown, I would be more grateful if all my sisters got the same amount as me but they get a big sack full and loads of big gifts around it that’s why I’m so upset because I feel like I’m being treated unfairly. I never get anything during the year which I’m good with because nobody owes it me but I just expect Christmas to be a bit more special that’s all really. I loved my gifts but I just feel like my sisters are treated better than me. I used to tell my mum what I wanted but she stopped asking me but I told her again this year what I wanted for Christmas they wasn’t expensive I wasn’t expecting loads of stuff just some effort , I love dolls kill clothes that’s what I asked for or some shoes for dance class because I dance a lot and I would understand if I just got them a few small gifts around it and not much else but I didn’t even get them. I did ask for it to be for Christmas and birthday if it’s too expensive same with the clothes but she didn’t do it. I gave her a few ideas I wasn’t expecting them all just at least one but I didn’t even get one idea I mentioned. My sisters get more each year but I get less each year and I don’t understand why because we are all getting older. My mum isn’t short on money far from it as my sisters get spoilt before and after Christmas and during Christmas , I would understand if my mum couldn’t afford it but she can afford to spoil me on Christmas Day but she never does. I brought everyone something I do every year I always make sure they get something I don’t have much money but I still try. Also my friends get so much and I feel embarrassed to say how much I got because of how they react. And I feel left out basically.
My mum didn’t get me what I wanted for Christmas this year how do I get what I want next year?
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