How social are you? Do you have a lot of friends?

How many friends do you keep up with or in contact with on a regular basis?
How social are you? Do you have a lot of friends?
Do you have more online or more in person?

I ask this, cause I have hundreds of friends on my phone as contacts and I've had hundreds of Happy Near Year messages that I'm still working through. Every single one of these is someone I know in person, 60% or 70% are men.

I don't see many of them in person very often but we chat daily or weekly at the least. I also tell everyone (including people here) that if I don't respond fast, it isn't that I'm ignoring you. I will always respond, just might not be that fast if I'm busy or if there is a glitch that doesn't notify me, try again.

Most the time when I go into a city where someone is I haven't seen for awhile, we'll do lunch or something to catch up.

I only have a few very close friends, the type that would help me bury a body if needed. I bump them to the top of the list for fastest responses, while working through the others.

Right now I can feel the sadness in many of them, as a new year and new holiday brings loneliness to many. Many are hoping I am single to make a move and when I tell them I'm not and things are going great, they are like damn, at least the guys. The girls are like, lucky you... I wish I had a guy that awesome.

Anyhow, just wondering what your normal size social circle is? I also know I'm very friendly to everyone (who isn't an ass) and that contributes to all of this, but I don't mind.

One thing to note here, is I no longer do social media... GAG is it, as I haven't done social media for a long time, all these are done by phone calls or mostly texting or in person.
How social are you? Do you have a lot of friends?
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