Am I wrong for blocking and preventing contact with my mom?

So on Monday, my mom called me and asked, if Tuesday I can to take to drop her car off to see why her tire keeps getting low in air.

ME: I can take you Wednesday, I already have plans to hang out my boyfriend.
ME: We rarely get time together since we’re long distance and you get your days with me. I can take you Wednesday. Ask kim (my sister) since she is off from work.
HER: no she has kids.

So Wednesday morning she text my sister and I on group text

HER: Are you back from the beach? I see you went to visit him.

(she is known to drive by my house and spy to see if I’m home🙄)

HER: You need to dump that Mexican, he doesn’t even try! Just dump him!

ME: Bye

then I blocked her number.

my sister said she kept texting over and over being racist towards my boyfriend (that she had never met.. ) calling him racist names, saying my ex was better, and I caused my ex to drink, that I’m helping my boyfriend parents with all my money, and that my boyfriend is lying about being a Jehovah Witness so he doesn’t have to get me anything for Christmas and all these horrible things. She did the same thing to my ex but was against white.. since he was white..🙄

I’m so over this and being stressed with all the horrible made up things she says.. :( keep in mind, I’m 30, haven’t lived with her in over 4 + years and don’t need her financial support. I tried talking to her in the past about her spying, being racist.. she doesn’t care or stop for a few days or so and start up again.. I honestly think she needs mental help (runs in my mom sides of family)

Am I wrong for having her blocked and I don’t intend on visiting her anytime soon?

i normally cave and visit her to be nice but I can’t keep living like this.. I honestly wished I didn’t live in the same town as her. :/
Am I wrong for blocking and preventing contact with my mom?
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