Does this meaning anything or nothing about "LIKES" on social media?

Lets say that a person who barely is on social media and the only time that person is on social media is just for posting photo travel trips in other countries and nothing else. That person does not use their social media account for other stuff, just to post "Look at me Look at me and brag" photos period.

So this person post the photos and obviously ihe will expect LIKES from people, the reason of posting those photos anyway, right? But does it mean anything when you post your own photos as well and this particular person who is your close relative does not give you any LIKES at all, not even a comment about your photos, but the person does expect people to comment on their nice photos, the reason they post the photos viral.

Does it mean then that he believes His photos are more important and valuable than your own photos? What a cocky person!!

I meanim aware LIKES on social media practically means nothing as it is like a competition of who gets more LIKES and feel more popular and draw more attention, that is what social media is all about anyway but when you also post photos in hopes for people you know say something nice or give a LIKE because that person really like what you posted, and this close relative do not say anything at all to you, Does it mean anything or nothing?

I posted on my social media account a photo of me my siblings and mother celebrating NY at my sister house, something simple, nothing fancy. Not one relative gave me LIKES, but people who are not relatives were the ones who gave me LIKES and say nice things about my photos. But then it comes my male cousin who never post anything in social media only when he is on overseas trips to show off, he posted several photos of his Mexico trip with his kids (my also cousins), the photos were of course pretty of the Mexico places he is visiting and not one comment of Happy New Year to any of me or my mom or siblings. My male cousin had always been "Look at me and im more important than others".
Does this meaning anything or nothing about "LIKES" on social media?
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