What do I do? Help?

Hi, so an incident happened the other day. My 42 year old sister has been staying with us. She has a 13 year old son. He was out of town when this incident happened thank God. ANYWAYS. my sister had over a friend she works with, they smoked weed and drank a lot. I went off to work and talked to them before I left. I'm 24, I work in a nursing home. Then around 1:00 am my mom's boyfriend called saying she's been hurt and I went home to find my mom intoxicated and hunched over wailing out in pain. So I was so mad, my sister was gone and her friend. (I'm so sorry this is a long story). I took my mom up to the hospital. Long story short, my mom went downstairs (this is MY mom's house). And she saw my sisters friend on top of my sister. AND she told her to get out of the house, and she tapped her head and the girl got up and shoved my mom into the fireplace and she hit the metal crate to the fireplace and my mom has broken ribs. I took her to the hospital and she had x rays done. I know it wasn't right that my mom touched her first, but my mom got rammed into the fireplace. I'm mad, I'm upset and stressed. Should my mom press charges? I'm so sorry if I didn't explain myself well. I just need advice. My sister left my mom ALONE, when my mom was hunched over in pain. I'm mad at my sister, I'm mad at the "friend". Any advice?
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My mom is 65 and this girl is in her 40s
What do I do? Help?
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