Would you call 911 or let your relatives die?

We were sitting in a meeting tonight and one of our co-workers received an emergency call to leave. First, the young lady called her then facetime her. This is the same niece who she compares to not appearing who she is to the public. she tells us that her niece carries very evil ways on her. Today, the niece for some reason went to her grandma's house after two weeks of the granny being left in the house sick to take her to the doctor. She found her grandmother laying across the bed responsive, but oxygen were levels very very low. What enraged the aunt is that instead of the granddaughter calling 911 first to follow their instructions she called her instead, and then facetime her afterward. She said she claimed to not know what to do. Her auntie said that she had to come over and call 911 after giving the granddaughter instructions. The ambulance came to pick her up only to discover she was near death. Her auntie called me in tears and says if she is not bullying others out of jealousy, she is endangering people's lives. this woman could have died. she told us that the grandmother wasn't worth a dial to 911 first, but she is on social media thanking GOD for sending angels to her grandmother. What are your thoughts? her auntie is in tears because she called her instead of helping save her grandmother. her auntie said all she want is praise, and fame to hide who she is, but this really hurt her.
Would you call 911 or let your relatives die?
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