My housemate is b*tch , am I in the right?

So basically my housemate and her boyfriend both have covid. I’m currently negative , I haven’t caught it off them yet I’m being super careful. The problem is They’re not self isolating in the bedroom, she told me yesterday they’re allowed to chill and eat in the kitchen and sitting room as long as they open the windows when they’ve left.

I was under the assumption the ones who have covid are supposed to keep to one room not have free reign of the house. I don’t have covid and I’m confined to my bedroom because I can’t go into the other rooms while they are in there. I can’t cook until they have left. I’ve been crying today because I’m so stressed not trying to catch it and them being so inconsiderate of me. I already have to isolate for 10 days if I catch it within those 10 days I’ve to isolate for another 10. What do I do I feel like I’m going to catch it either way now..
My housemate is b*tch , am I in the right?
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