Who is in the wrong?

My older sister gave me a bad childhood, she was always sad and i was always supposed to be there to protect her and save her. When i was 22 my mom took measures and got the authorities to handle her because she was out of control. Then my mom asked me to help her with explaining the problem and then my sister got angry at me and completely cut me off. I felt very guilty and sad for ruining her life, thats how it felt.

She then starting hating me and i felt so guilty i started doing really self destructing things like ruining my future and hanging out with the wrong people eventually a suicide attempt. She didn't care and even laughed at me behind my back. After 5 years i saw her again and she started blacmailing me with posting embarassing pictures of me and snitched on em with some things she knows of me. WHo is in the wrong here? she never cared about me while i ruined my life for her
Who is in the wrong?
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