Talked to my best friend about my feelings. They are not shared. What do I do?

Pretty much the title. I am 23 male, she is 22 female. Feelings are not shared. We have been friends for such a long time.

However I don't know how to handle it from now on. Her telling me about other men was one of the reasons why I decided to just get it off my chest. And it was killing me inside in general, I wanted to shoot my shot as well.

I don't know how to go from now on however. I feel embarrassed. I feel inferior. I feel that if I keep talking to her I will keep getting hurt. I don't know. I feel sad that she doesn't feel the same. That she probably still talks to the guy she likes and was telling me about all those weeks, like nothing has happened. And she should at the end of the day. That for her nothing is really different and everything is fine. If anything, one extra validation, another man who likes her. Ideal scenario for her is to keep talking and pretend everything is OK, but I don't think this is possible for me.

I hate myself for falling in love with her. Because we started as friends. My feelings started developing the past few months, and we have been friends for many years. So I hate myself for that. She has been next to me so many times, same for me. My rock. She is the only person I have ever shared very personal stuff, before I had the feelings, after I got the feelings, it doesn't matter. Because at the end of the day we were always friends, and that's how we started. And I don't want to lose her from my life, or even minimize contact. I feel that by minimizing contact even, we will end up just drifting apart. And friends are important in life, let alone best friends who you can share everything with during hard times.

What is your advice? I am seriously not sure on how to handle it.
Talked to my best friend about my feelings. They are not shared. What do I do?
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