Parents won't let my boyfriend drop me off at the house?

I'm 18, the legal age where I live is 19 when it comes to signing a lease without my parents approval.
My parents hate my boyfriend because of the age Gap. When I go to see him, I have to go to my grandmother's house to get picked up and dropped off.
My house is two blocks away but when you have six bags to carry the whole way ,(and in the freezing cold) it becomes hard.
She said she's done picking me up from my grandma's house and that I have to walk home from now on. (I don't have my license yet, still working on that fear)
They act like they own the whole block, he can't even drop me off close by my house. Is this fair?
I'm totally fine with my mom not picking me up, but at least let him drop me off...
They aren't being fair/compromising
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Yes seems fair, you should have to walk
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14 d
I tried to compromise. I said he will drop me off two houses away from my house. My mom says don't blame me if my dad sees him and decides to beat his ass. Ridiculous
Parents won't let my boyfriend drop me off at the house?
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