She is always flirting with my boyfriend right in front of me. What should I do about her?

This girl is always flirting with my boyfriend right in front of me. She knows we're together, and yet whenever she's around him, she'll start touching him everywhere and hugging him. This girl even does it when her boyfriend is around! And whenever I'm in the same room with them, my boyfriend sometimes ignores me to talk to her.

I haven't said anything to my boyfriend about it because I really don't want to come off as the jealous girlfriend who isn't trusting of him. But from reading their Facebook wall posts to each other from before we dated, it sounds like they have a really flirtatious friendship (there are wall posts of her telling him that he's "sexy" and "hot", and of him telling her that she's "foxy" and he wants to dance up on her in one of her profile pics, etc.).

It really makes me uncomfortable, though, because I feel like the way they act towards each other isn't appropriate for two people who are in other relationships. Should I be worried about this girl? And what should I do about it?


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  • It could be that they're just really good friends who say those types of things to each other for fun (I mean, I have lots of girls who I pretend flirt with not because I like them, but because that's just my way of interacting with them).

    But even so, this is inappropriate for two people who are in relationships with other people. You should straight up tell your boyfriend that this is not okay. As long as he's not making out with this girl or ditching you for her, then you shouldn't have much to worry about.


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  • Beat the crap out of her. haha. JK There are many ways you could deal with this. Don't hang out with her. Every time she flirts with your boyfriend you could in no particular order.

    A) Flirt with your boyfriend and Mock her

    B) Do to her everything she does to your boyfriend.

    C) Do to her boyfriend what she does to your boyfriend.

    You could ask her straight up why she is acting that way. Maybe she wants a 3-way or something. OK that is my guy mind at work and probably not a real possibility. hahaha cracking myself up.

    You have to confront her or avoid her.


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  • just tell the girl that she's behaving inappropriately, just remind her that always.

  • Flirt with her boyfriend next time,then when you see your boyfriend getting jealous(if he does) tell him later that it hurt you that he was flirting with or if you don't wanna do that,i really think he wouldn't think your an over the top jealous chick just for telling him what's up and if he cared bout you,it won't matter if he did. but that's definately something anyone would get jealous over even if there's trust.i would think of a good way of telling him if I were you.

    • MMmm personally I would rise above it and remember it. hold your tongue and wait for a good time to name and shame them in so many words. embarass them give them a piece of their own medicine. Its perfectly clear to anyone that kind of behavior when there both taken is just a no no! they know this in themselves. It seems your worth better than that crap.

    • Thats a good point of rise above it but do not hold it in,i have actually ruined a good relationship by "biting my tounge" because when you don't think it will effect a relationship,it really does...especially if you are trying for a long term relationship.