Boyfriend cheated, should I take him back?

I'm going to try to make all the important facts as summarized as possible.

- 9 months dated so far (known for yearsss)

- I recently moved to a different country for 2 years so it was long distance (Visiting twice a year though)

- We're in love and he made it clear that he wanted to wait for me, so don't think I expected him to not get urges while I was gone

- He went to his long time exes house and had sex with her, it was a one time thing. I confronted him and he lied about it and then I got it confirmed b his ex himself and he fessed up

I know that I should have some more self respect and not take him back after what he did to me, but we talked for days about the situation and he even ended up crying over me... Talked to his friends about being in love with me, etc. The thing is, I know what he did was terrible, but at the same time I know that he regrets it (whether he got caught or he did it in general idk) and he wants to be with me in the future.

Should I stay with him, is he trustworthy? Thank you in advance!
Boyfriend cheated, should I take him back?
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