Would girls keep being friendly to a guy who they know wants her?

There is this girl at work who I adore, she seems great. Despite the fact that we work together we have little to do with each other, work in different offices etc. We started emailing each other back and forth in which I gave several indications that I liked her, instead of being negative towards these hints she was very positive sending plenty of :-) and x's. As 95% of our conversations are on email I wasn't getting much body language hints, however when I did see her I would get positive signs, she would come and see me not the other way around.

So I asked her out face to face, she said no and that she had a boyfriend. This really surprised me, not once did she mention or give any indication of a boyfriend, despite her telling me what she is doing most of the time. After a few weeks we started talking again on email like it was before, I went on the assumption she is testing my persistence or didn't like the way I pressured her when asking her out face to face, (making it clear I liked her instead of just do you fancy going somewhere). I'm fairly certain no boyfriend exist given the conversations I have had with her.

Pretty soon I am giving obvious hints I like her, even calling her cutie (I'm sure a lot of men may say its bad tactics to be so complementary). She has no excuse now as I told her to her face that I liked her, as before she said she didn't get any hints which I don't believe,and she still seems flirty back even though its only on email so could be misreading.

So now I have asked her out for a second time on email and so far no response, so I assume it is a no, my question is why would a girl continue to be nice and flirty (ok this maybe accidental) to a guy they know fancies them and wants them if they had no feelings that way.

If I new a girl liked me and gave hints, then if I wasn't interested I would either ignore them or tell them straight any time something was hinted at, not send x's.

I just want to spend some personal time with her instead of all these emails.

Sorry for long post, just wanted to get as much detail in as I can. Plus I'm not very experienced with girls so completely confused, any ideas what she is thinking.

Would girls keep being friendly to a guy who they know wants her?
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