How can I stop crying over every little thing?


Every time there’s a small inconvenience in life, I always cry about it. Like today for example, my aunt was trying to give me constructive criticism. Knowing how she is, she can come off as a bit harsh and stern and I know her intentions aren’t meant to be rude but I couldn’t seem to stop the tears from forming in my eyes.

Even if someone asks me to go get something for them and I can’t find it, and when they point it out right in front of my face, I get so irritated with myself and break down.

Why can’t I just react to things normal? It’s as if my emotions are 10x worse than everybody else. I’ve even broken down in front of my boss 3 times just because of little mistakes.

I’ve accepted that I’m an emotional person but I feel like I have zero control over it and I feel like an adult crybaby.

How can I stop crying over every little thing?
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