My ex keeps contacting me. What does he want?

So this guy tried to get with me for over a year and a half. I finally told him we could try things out because I liked him too, but we were never exclusive because he has commitment issues and I didn't want to pressure him into a relationship. So this lasted for a month or so.

We broke things off months ago. Actually he was the one who said it (over text, can you believe it?). He said I was 'too pure' for him, that he wanted his freedom, blablabla. (It's very cliché, but I'm the good girl and he's the bad guy and that's what attracted us to each other in the first place...)

And I was so mad I totally agreed and told him he was not the man I thought he was and that he could go f*** himself.

Since then, I applied the No Contact for weeks, months, but even though I blatently ignored him he kept trying to check up on me, on what was going on with me, he asked my friends about me...

We talk now (not in real life), but I'm always being very cold. He still keeps trying, and I just don't understand why.
My ex keeps contacting me. What does he want?
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