Feeling bad, but don't want to be used by her?

This girl I was seeing ended things about by saying she "didn't have time" and "didn't want to waste my time" (whatever that means). Then added that there might have been old feelings for an old friend resurfacing even though he showed no interest in a relationship with her (which I think may have been a lie just to get me to stop going after her).

It sucked but I accepted for a couple of reasons:

1. I really like and care about her and want her to be happy. (If

2. If she really took the time to think up such lame ass excuses then she must've really wanted me to take the hint.

In trying to move on I told her we needed distance from one another because I still had feelings that she apparently didn't want me acting on and I didn't want to pretend that I was okay with just being friends (I think "the friend-zone" / being "just- buddies" is a f**king joke).

Recently, however, she's started texting me again things like "How are you doing?" to start a conversation which typically ends up being lightly flirtatious (I catch myself too late). On the advice of a friend, I ignored a recent text she sent me (a "How have you been?") and a day later she sent : "We need to stop being so lame (lol). I miss hanging out with you."

I wanted to respond because, admittedly, I do still have strong feelings for her, but felt that if I did I would be falling back into the same old trap of making her think I was okay just being friends.

I feel bad about ignoring her, but I don't want to be the guy she hangs out with just because I show her romantic attention that she feels she won't have to return when some other guy isn't around. Then, of course, there's that idiot part of me that wants to believe these are her attempts to try for a relationship again, but rationality will keep kicking in to hold me back.

Any help/ advice would be much appreciated.
Feeling bad, but don't want to be used by her?
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