I'm obviosly interested so tell me you have boyfriend ASAP?

This just keeps happening, and its starting to piss me off. Its happened a little too much latley. Girls have offered their numbers to me when I Haven't asked. Beleiving they are generally interested I end up meeting them in a neutral location( with friends blah blah), then they inform me (through general conversation) they have a boyfriend.(and they are happy with them)

To their credit (and I'm very fair and reasonable) they are very nice and they legitmatley want to be friends but latley I swear the last time this happend she seemed very interested e.g she actually offerd to buy me lunch. After severel small impromptue meeting I ask her "out" upon organisation of which she says yeah my boyfriend Matt etc etc...

Ok I didn't ask in the first place but I thought I was making it obvious enough that I liked her. I guess what I'm saying is, if any guy seems remotley intersted please please please just mention you have a boy friend for f*** sake! and they will leave you alone, (in my case I guess) I know there are too many overly persistent guys.

If that was mentioned the first time I met her or in this case now them! it would have saved me the dissapointment and embaressment!

The worst concellation prize in trying to find something is being someones friend! The eternal f***ing friend
I'm obviosly interested so tell me you have boyfriend ASAP?
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