My mate wants to date my cuz?

my mate is like family to me as he sorta is in come kind of distant cousin way. well he wants to date my second cousin who is a really nice shy timed tom boy and we've grown up so close we're like sisters. and he I've know for over 15 years so he's also like a bro to me. my mate started to flirt to her at a party, trying to get her to dance and have fun. she went along and was having a great time.

she's never had a boyfriend before as she's been to many schools and has the nickname of freaky emo "dog" so she's never had any guys liking her or vise versa.

my mate he's been through many girls mostly older then him ( one reason why I don't like it.) and goes out with chicks that he doesn't even like and cheat on them with other chicks. but I do know as I've seen him when he does miss a girl he really likes so much and can not be able to see/be with her. he can go a bit crazy as a few times he's ran to their house in tears wanting to talk to them and others where he would go in a sorta fit and try and kill himself with any object e.g a towel. he's the nicest person you can ever meet with an wicked funny attitude and he will ask any chick out when his single.

i expose I don't want them to go out cause they're like family and are to me. or I just see the badness of him for her, I just don't know what I should do / say about it?

My mate wants to date my cuz?
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