Ladies, why have a baby to strengthen your relationship?

Believe it or not, I have even run into men who think this way too (this one friend of mine in particular comes to mind. He was so in love with his girl that he kept trying to get her to get off birth control so they could have an "accident". Yeah, they broke up.)...

But usually it is the woman who falls prey to this type of faulty thinking.

Now, I just asked a question in relation to men trying to claim they were trapped when they do not use protection during sex and a pregnancy results.

To that end I say, guys, do not leave your reproductive destiny to anyone, least of all the woman you are sleeping with. By using a condom keep it wrapped so you don't get trapped.

But as far as chicks go, how fair is it to bring a child in the world as a means to an end? The child will come with needs and responsibilities that go far beyond your agendas.

A wise woman once told me that when a marriage is strong a baby will strengthen it--when it is weak, a child will only destroy it.

My hubby and I are a case in point. We were crazy in love before the baby and when she did come he was overjoyed--she has filled our lives with pure joy and I have never seen a more doting father or a stronger father/daughter relationship.

On the flipside, if a marriage or relationship is crumbling, do you think a crying, wailing, financially draining bundle of energy is gonna make things better?

There are so many unwanted children in the world--how many times will we turn on the TV and hear about some child being killed by their parents?

Stop the madness. Bring a child into a loving strong and vibrant relationship--don't have a kid in attempt to "save" something that may be doomed to begin with...

It's not fair to the child, to you or to your man.

Some things just come to an end--let the relationship die a merciful death, work on yourself a bit, then try to find a man who will love to have kids as much as you do. In that way, you can provide an loving healthy environment for that child to thrive.
Because I am insecure and controlling and want to make him stay
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I truly believe it will make things better
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Hey, I'm smart enough to know a baby won't fix a bad relationship
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Ladies, why have a baby to strengthen your relationship?
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