How do I "break-up" with a very sensitive guy who you nver truly liked?

This guy was texting me a lot and then I started liking him. he tole me he liked me a lot and then I told him I guess I liked him too. that was five weeks ago. every week since then he has been getting mad at me because I have apparently been ignoring him. then we make up and we say that we are just friends. then I decided that i didn't like him but I wasn't going to tell him for a few weeks because we are both in Marching band and we have a bunch of competitions and I knew it would be stressful. but then it slipped out through my friend. he was all mad at me and then we made up and said we were just friends again. he was still moody at school though. I texted him on Monday and asked him what was wrong but he never texted me back. I said I was sorry if I upset him. he never texted me back until today when he blamed me for his failing grade in geometry. WTF? then he went on about how if he fails a class he won't get into the school he wants and then he won't be able to live the life he wants and he is blaming all of this on me! WHAT THE f***!? then he says he wants me to tell him the truth face to face so he can see if I am lying. I already told him 5 weeks ago that we are just friends but he won't stop texting me flirty texts! Now we don't even talk and honestly my life is better without him! He wants to be friends though which is fine and I don't really care if we are friends or not as long as he stops bringing it up. he is the most sensitive guy ever and that's a bad thing. he overreacts to everything. its like a 10 year old girl. he is ugly and not outgoing. the only reason I liked him was because he was flattering me. its not my fault that we could never be together. at dances, I dance like a slut whereas he is pure christian and if I ever did that in front of him he would freak out. we could never be together but I don't know what to do because he tells one of my friends that I am like the center of his whole life and he loves me. its super weird. I just don't know if I should stop communicating with him all together or try to be friends. HELP ME DEAL WITH THIS f***ING BASTARD!


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  • oh simple ask him why he likes or loves you then tell him face to face exactly how you feel and tell him that you guys already tried dating and it didn't work so your not compatible rthen tell him why you don't feel like a relationship is the right thing right now