He stares at me but doesn't smile. He's been doing this ever since last semester. Does he like me?

I've never talked to this guy, but I did have class with him last semester (spring). I used to look/glance at him a lot, but he never noticed. Then, at the end of the semester, he started staring at me. I'd look back & we'd make eye contact for like a second (and a half) and then I'd look away, but he just kept on staring at me. And he never smiles at me when he stares at me! (Well, he did once, but it was at a school rally so it could've been a friend of his whom he was looking at and not me.) At first, I thought he was looking at me it was because he heard something about me. But after summer, this semester (fall), he continued looking at me. Could it be because I look at him too...? I usually pass by him before and after homeroom because I have to walk past his homeroom to get to mine, and he's usually waiting outside his homeroom (since there's still a class inside sometimes). At the beginning of this semester, we always passed by each other before homeroom and I could feel him staring at me, but I'd just pretend I didn't see him because I was so nervous (his stares a bit intimidating). Now, I hardly see him outside because the teacher I have before homeroom always let's us out late! But yesterday, we got let on time. So I was walking with my friend and I saw him standing in front of his homeroom from like 60 feet away. Then he looked in my direction and we made eye contact, but I quickly looked away. I glanced at him afterward and he was still looking. I could feel his stare and he kept his head up until I was like 10 feet away from him. At that point, he dropped his head/looked at the floor and kinda slumped his shoulders in. I asked a friend what it meant, and she said he stares at people a lot. I believe what she says, but he's been staring at me ever since last semester! I asked another friend and she says he stares at people too. About the guy, he's popular and I heard he's a flirt. He isn't shy around his friends and he's smart. Again, we've never talked.


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  • Talk to him, how can you ever know if you don't try it?

    Anyway, if you've heard he stares at other people maybe he just hasn't been very social and doesn't know how to initiate communication. Some of the coolest people seem anti-social so I'd just talk to him about any old thing one day.

    Don't regard it as too weird unless you ask him to stop and he doesn't. Or he starts to stalk you.

    It could be a great opportunity, it doesn't hurt to see.

  • Well start of this way "hello my name is ... Would you like to hangout sometimes?"


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