I'm going to drive myself crazy I missed my chance.

So for 4 months I see her maybe 3 times a day. Every time I see her we say hey in a way that seem more than friends. It's only been about 2 months since I've become crazy about her, she really cute and pretty. When it comes to the girl that I like I get really shy to where it seems like I'm not interested because I try to hide that I like her. I'm a junior and she's a sophomore. She's shy too, a couple weeks ago I talked to her and she seemed nervous/reserved she backtracked on what she said- and I also froze ha ha and ended the conversation early. As of 2 weeks ago track started for both of us. Sometimes it seems like she's just being friendly but at other times it seems like she likes me I'm not really sure which one it is even though we really haven't talked a ton to be friends that say hey every time we see each other which makes me think she likes me. I'm really really good friends with her brother who is a senior, all of us are in high school.

I have trouble just letting everything go and pursuing her, I still like her. I can't really contact her without asking for a way to straight up or through a friend which might be really weird. My goal was to ask for her number by Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. I didn't make that goal. On Tuesday I did actually talk to her twice (more than just hey) in one day which beats what I usually do in a week, also saying hey to her when I saw her. So I left a somewhat good lasting impression

What I can't get off my mind is that I have almost a week of not seeing her (lots of regret for not asking for her number) which could be enough time for her to lose interest if she had any in me... before the break it sorta seemed that her interest was slowly slowing down. I can't lose this chance to at least attempt at becoming more than friends. I see her and I think of what could be. Please help me...I need to either stop thinking about her or find some way to talk to her (not really any ways to talk to her soon) at least until school starts in a week. I feel like if I can just get her number, maybe we can hit it off from there but until then I'm going to drive myself crazy over thinking everything.


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  • If the girl likes you, she most definitly will not forget you lol.

    your friends with her brother right? well go over to hang with him and if you see her, talk to her.

    or, get a lady friend to ask her if she likes you, and let her know that you like her.

    make it seem like, your not aware that your lady friend is doing this.

    it sounds silly but my friend told this guy I liked him, with out me knowing lol then he asked me out. lol

    we dated for 3 years since then.

    one thing I've learn, if you like somebody, DONT HESITATE.. you may lose this chance for ever!.

    and if they aren't interested, you got nothing to lose, you will know the truth and can move on.

    if you don't have confidents, this is your practice time.

    • Thanks that helps, you're right I can't hesitate any more than I already have. And I might try letting a friend tell her that I like her.

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