Was this a stupid move?

so I like this guy a lot and we just recently got to know each other. we're in the same group of friends too. so he spoke to me online just a few days ago for the first time. the conversation went great! the next day I spoke to him online and again the conversation went really well :). but then I saw him the next day with my friend's head on his shoulder (she has a boyfriend though and he knows) and then that day and the next when I saw him it was really awkward. he barely said anything to me apart from the time he made me laugh about something. the day after that it was like nothing ever happened. and today (the next day) I spoke to him online again.

i just want to know if I'm making it too obvious that I like him? I don't want him to know that I like him because I have no idea of what he thinks of me.


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  • Make a better impression than the other girl. Meaning - forget the past and the future, focus on the now. Meaning, get out of your head and actually enjoy the time you do get with him. ->> Further meaning, tease him play around with him, etc.. realize what you are ready to do with him and what you aren't. If there are serious questions you need to ask him before you do certain things with him, keep those moments at the back of your head and understand how you should handle those moments.. But right now, you and he are just aquantances that could have good clean fun. Who knows? maybe he has a friend that you would click with really well and you / he could start going on double dates, becoming life-long friends.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I don't know why women even want to play hard to get. Women claim not to play games, but that is a game. Just act natural, and maybe even say you like him. It's sometimes hard to tell when a girl is being friendly or likes you. When a girl plays hard to get with me, especially online or through text, I assume she isn't interested, or I don't want to deal with the headache.

    • I really don't see how she's playing hard to get, especially when she's identified that she already feels that she's made the fact of her liking him so obvious? Maybe I'm clueless but could you identify what she could do differently? I mean, if a girl were to tell me she "liked me" it would take away the enjoyment of uncertainty - meaning I wouldn't have the option to chase her and I wouldn't be hooked for the long term.. That's just me though, I don't know about other guys ;)

    • Guys are more direct. What's there to like in uncertainty?

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  • Dont feel intimidated by any other girl. If you like this guy but not sure how he feels about you , well its the perfect reason to get to know him. I don't see anything wrong with NOT letting him know you like him right away. You don't know him that well anyways. I don't know exactly what you mean by the awkwardness you guys face with each encounter but a flirty smile & a hi ___could be a good start.

    • & to answer your questions.. no it wasn't a stupid move but obviously not a great move since you feel this way now. but don't beat yourself up over it. You can bounce back from it. also. no I don't think your making it too obvious that you like him. Right now he's probably thinking the opposite.

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