How do guys show their chick friends that they like them?

My friends have always told me that my best friend (a guy) likes me. Guys, how would you show your best friend (that's a girl) that you like them? Would you even be best friends with a girl if you DIDN'T like them? Thanks.

Just in case, by "like" I do mean "have a crush on" haha. Okay. Thanks.


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  • Honestly, when I was in high school, I was incredibly shy. I always had a few friends that were girls, and I didn't want to sleep with all of them, so I can say just him being your friend is an indicator. I would always just try to spend time with the person I liked, but like I said, I was shy enough it was probably not noticeable. I'd say if your friends have all told you, it's probably true and the best course of action would just be to talk to him. It's not any easier for us, ladies. (some of us I should say..)

  • I guess they would do little things to make life more gracious for her. Take out the trash. Clean her car. Fix the house. Shop and cook. Even try flowers I suppose.

    Flowers make me sneeze, but maybe you;'d like them?

    Even a short card note or just to go see a movie is pretty easy to break the ice.

    No, if I didn't like a girl, I would not be friends with her. Unless I was a masochist. And I'm not.

    I usually go sailing and would take the girl.


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