Why does my ex try so hard to be friends?

My ex broke up with me a few months ago saying that he's only 23, and feels too young to commit to me. We were dating for almost a year, and had no problems. He said past this time, we would have to get very serious, and he could not handle that.

We still go to school together, and are in a very small program. So we still see each other everyday, and have to work on projects together.

He tried very hard being my friend at first, but I kept giving him the cold shoulder and ignored him a lot. So, he stopped trying and we kind of stopped talking. He called me today, and confronted the fact of why I have been so cold with him for the past few months. We talked for a while. I told him I still can't be his friend, but can try to act less cold. He said that is a start, and we can work towards being friends from there. He does NOT want to revisit the issue of dating, or breakup, because he says that would be too confusing.

Anyway, I asked him why he works so hard to stay friends with an ex, when it is easier to just move on and make other friends. He said he has his reasons, but that is only for him to know. He did not share his reason.

My question is, why do exes try this hard to be friends? Even when I treat him so cold, he still wants to try. Why? Is it because he feels bad? We are in the same field of studying...so maybe he thinks I will be his resource for a job in the future? So better not to burn bridges?

Why does he act this way when I am clearly pushing him far away?
Why does my ex try so hard to be friends?
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