Ex boyfriend problems

My ex boyfriend and I broke up months ago but I honestly do still care about him and I want him to be happy and I know I should move on but I do think he still likes me too, but I'm not sure. He still talkes about me all the time to the football team but they said that he talkes crap about me and I always catch him starring at me and even my friends catch him starring at me. He tried to date one of my friends to make me jealous but when he seen that it wasn't working he gave up but yet he is still talking badly about me. On New Years when both of us was at a friends party he said to my best friend " thanks for the heads up" about me being there but every time I turned around I would catch him starring at me and watching my every move, at football games he always stands in front of me when he is on the side lines and he looks back at me and after a game when he was going through our spirit line he looked me into the eyes the whole time untill he walked by me and he told the football team that he misses me but then he turned around and called me fat. I am his first EVERYTHING and he is about 18 years old... but if he does like me should I give it another chance and try to work things out with him? and does he still like me?
Ex boyfriend problems
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