How do I tell him I don't like his best friend?

Me and this boy like each other but are too shy to tell each other. Even though he knows I like him, he still gets jealous when I talk to his best friend. But I've known his best friend longer and that's how we met. So I don't know how to tell him that I don't like his friend without making things awkward.


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  • Just tell him to chill out. Tell him that you're plainly not interested in his best friend like that, so he can relax. I think that if he keeps this up, you and him are not going to work together, and he needs to learn that.

    Besides, if he's this jealous now, even though he you haven't even gotten as far as saying that you like each other, then I would advise not dating him. Seriously, that kind of jealousy tends to only get worse. In a lot of cases it can actually get abusive, maybe even physically. So, I think you need to tell him to reign in that jealousy, and make sure he does, otherwise this really WOULDN'T work out.

    Be careful.

    • Thanks. I'll tell him I don't like his best friend. If he still acts odd I'll just not consider dating him (:

    • This is probably best.

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