How do I get my boyfriend back?

This is my first breakup/heartbreak. I am completely clueless on what to do. Everyone tells me I just need to move on and forget about him.. But I can't. I'm only 16 years old.. but he is really the one I want. I know there's "other fish in the sea". I've talked to him a couple times, asking him to give us a second chance. But he won't.. He does but he doesn't. He says he wants to be on his own for awhile and doesn't want to date until after high school. I respect his decision, and of course I want him to be a confident man. But I don't want to lose him, he's my best friend and the only person I can talk to about anything. I have friends and family.. but it's not the same talking to them. I've practically begged him to take me back.. (which I don't think was a good idea..) I wrote him a letter telling him how much I truly love him and how sorry I am for being how I was. He told me that he's gonna keep reading the letter and hopes he changes his mind. I know he loves me.. But what can I do to get him back? I don't know how to live with myself right now. I seem so dependent but I don't want to be. Should I give him space? Should I talk to him about it more? What should I do? This hurts to much and I miss him..


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  • If he doesn't want to be with you, you need to accept that. It sucks the big one, but there's no way around it. Even if he did get back together with you, you don't want the kind of relationship it would be.

    My only advice is to acknowledge the pain, accept it, and use it to motivate you to live the best most fun life you can. Then move on when you find someone new to be interested in.

  • The only thing you can do is give him some space and distance. Go on with your life.

    I think he just wants to settle first with his high school life, and after that, I think he'll get back at you.


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