How to deal with letting a guy down? GUYS?

so, over the past week or so, three guys have asked me to be their girlfriend, and I mean that in the most unboastful way.

the first guy was a friend from high school. we went to prom together as friends, and he had a crush on me then, but I was involved with someone else. a year later, after I'd broken up with my boyfriend, we went out on a few dates, and I enjoyed that he was genuinely a good guy, just the chemistry was not there, and I wasn't fully over my ex. to preserve our friendship, I asked if we could be friends, and he agreed. about 6 months later, I agreed to pick things back up to give it another try, and still, no chemistry, but this time, I had no interest in dating at all, and when he asked me to be his girlfriend after going out for coffee ONCE (and we go to two different schools on the other side of the state), he asked me via text to be his girlfriend. I told him I wasn't ready, and would prefer just being friends for good, I just couldn't do long distance again. and he said he would come to respect that. it's been a couple of days, and no word from him.

the second guy was a guy I'd slept with about 7 months ago, drunkenly at a party. we slept together one other time soberly to figure things out, but he said comments I didn't particularly care for ("sex means nothing"), and said he wasn't ready for a relationship. plus, I had a little crush on his friend instead, and was honest and told him, and he said it was "cool by him" and we'll always be friends. but ever since that time, he has done nothing but try to hook up with me, or treat me like his girlfriend (follow me around at parties, tells me he cares for me), but then will do nasty things (say rude things to my friends, change all of my contacts in my phone), and I've made it clear not to show any sign of interest in him, even resorting to be rude to him because ignoring or keeping things short doesn't work. he explained to me that he was scared at the time we had sex because he just got out of a relationship, and he could see us dating, and he wants me. I told him no, but he keeps following me around.

the third guy is also a friend from high school, but we didn't hang out until now. we've hung out a few times, and he's hinted of having a crush on me, and when he asked if he was my type I said I didn't like anyone at the moment (which is the truth), and said that he really wanted me, and I said thank you, but I'm not interested in dating anyone atm, and agreed to be friends.

with the exception of guy #2, I feel like it's awkward now with these guys. I don't want to hurt them at all, but I also feel bad for maybe leading them on? I don't feel I have as much, because I think casually hanging out/dating is fine, but I've made it clear to either go slow (guy #1) or have only been platonic because I did not like them that way/didn't want to date. what should I do?
How to deal with letting a guy down? GUYS?
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