Why the girls (friend or non-friend) don't reply on Facebook?

the girls who are my friends and whom I like to make friends on Facebook, never replies.

friends have to say that they are busy, they are doing this, that, have this and that, anything.

and non-friends never reply... not a simple 'hi'... why is that?

what thing makes them do so? detail plz


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  • What I say is what I mean. "I am too busy" is code for I am interested. If I don't send message back or call back, it means I am not interested and don't want you or anyone to take it the wrong way. Why? Because I had a lot guys in my life who "just want to talk" when in reality, they hoping to get some or have different motives. I don't have time for game and I don't want to game anyone.

    • *not interested.

    • so what I must do? shouldn't reply? or reply more... well m young... yet to learn more

    • You move on and maybe she will friend you someday but I wouldn't put your hope in that. Just forget about it. There are billions of people out there. Why waste time on one girl who knows what her reasons are.

  • my daughter will not Facebook chat with any guy because she has a boyfriend. she won't even reply to their 'hi' because she knows why they are messaging her and she's taken. Yes they say "well I just wanted to talk" or "there's no harm in talking to each other" but the truth is she knows what they are up to and she's not interested lol so that there's no confusion she just ignores them

    as for single girls? they just aren't interested in you I really don't know any other reason why they would otherwise.

    • well... I appreciate your answer. but it was from a reference of a gal having a boyfriend. but what about others? you say they aren't interested... so no1 is? I m a good looking guy people say...

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