Is it a better idea to live with your significant other or apart from him/her in college?

We're discussing apartments for our junior year of college. I've narrowed down the possibilities to these:

1. I live in the same room as my boyfriend with two or three other friends also living in their own rooms in the apartment

2. staying separate in apartments with friends other than each other (probably only guys or only girls in each) with as much visiting as time permits

3. living in the same house with 2 separate rooms (doubtful).

Religious qualms aside, do you think it's better to live with someone before you marry them to get to know their habits and see if you can live with them or do you think we'll miss having the space of being able to go to separate dorm rooms and other friends we live with that we have now? He and I have great chemistry, trust, and respect, but we get in little fights occasionally when one of us is cranky. We have an incredible commitment to each other and a great relationship and absolutely refuse to go to bed angry or storm off. I'm thinking because we're very good at solving our conflicts quickly, we'd be fine. But if anything goes far too wrong we're stuck in the same apartment. Does living together do more to insure you'll work out your disagreements knowing you have the apartment and have to pay for it the rest of the year? Been dating for almost 2 years.
Live together in the same room, multiple people in the apartment/house
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Live together in same apartment, no others
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Live completely separate, him with his friends and me with mine
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Live in same house/apartment with friends, different rooms
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We have totally different majors. We try to get one easy class in together when we can. Otherwise I don't have a prayer of seeing him during the day until past the dinner hour of the evening. So my chances of seeing him drop down to if I'm lucky a few hours during the week and maybe a night on the weekend (he has friends too hehe). Over the summer we live a 6 hour drive apart. I'm worried about not being able to see him much if we don't cohabitate.
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Also, this boy is an angel. There is no risk of abuse or cheating. He's far too religious and the kindest spirit I've ever known. He respects me to no end. You can argue that I can't be sure but you're just gonna have to trust me on this one. That behavior is just not his personality. I've never met someone I trust more to keep me safe and happy. :)
Is it a better idea to live with your significant other or apart from him/her in college?
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