What is she feeling at this point?

Basically me and this girl have been fighting on and off for quite some time now. we both are gulity for fighting but, I can just tell I hurt her feelings and was just wondering how hurt she is if at all she is still hurt or not. Basically I've been trying to say sorry for awhile now and she just told me to leave her alone and that she just can't take it right now... She said she forgives me. I had a friend talk to her and she told my friend that she understood that I was upset and she didn't know what to say to me when I talk to her and that she feels bad but its better off that we are not to be friends and, if there is any hope of us being friends that I have to drop things for a while. why would she say that and, then that we can't be friends? She can't make up her mind? Why would she forgive me then is it cause she still cares or just think its the right thing to do? Is it obv that she is hurt? every time I try to talk to her she either yells at me or ignores me and, I don't even do anything wrong but just try and make things right...


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  • Aw, love, girls reeeeally are complicated. To help you better, I need to know the reason why you began fighting... Can you tell?

    • Just sent ya a f/r. Be easier to explain.

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