Is it OK to start a relationship while ending another?

So, I met this girl about a year ago and really like her. My current girlfriend and I have been together for 8 years and lived apart for the last 2 as our jobs keep us in different parts of the country. Recently I have been swaying with the idea that it might be over and that it is time to go on. Especially since we see each other once every 3 months anywhere from a couple days to a week. Thus far we have gone on one vacation and although I believe she had fun, I kinda felt as though we did everything she wanted to do and nothing that I wanted. To make matters worse her sex drive which was already low is now almost non existent, I mean you go to a tropical place on vacation after not seeing each other for months how often do you fool around... I didn't think everyday or second day for that matter wouldn't be too much to ask but in 15 days once... WTF. I am going crazy. To be perfectly honest I would prefer to break up face to face, when I see her next, I think that is only right but in the meantime would like to move on as I am not going to have a chance to see her til August and we rarely get a chance to talk when she travels away from her home for work. This other girl is friends with my closest friends wife and we see each other here and there but have only chatted a little. Kinda thinking I want to make a move, but I don't know how... she is pretty great. I see how she is with my friends daughter and it is a quality I have never seen with my current girlfriend. She is just so loving and attentive. I'm getting older and I have to say this is a characteristic I find very attractive, did I mention she is a knockout and we share a lot of interests. Met up with my friend the other night and she was there. He said he was talking about me to her before I showed up and she was smilling the whole time... wouldn't tell me what he said to her, even when I got there he was bugging her by introducing her to me every 5 seconds even though we know each other. at the end of the night she went out of her way to say goodbye to me and smiled when she did... I liked it. Anyways what do I do? Not sure I want to stay here for more than 6 more months but I want to make this happen before someone else realizes how great she is. How do I flirt / show interest I don't see her that often... like once or twice a month atm. I'd love it to be everyday. PLEASE HELP.
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furthermore, is it OK to add her to Facebook? is there a way to do this to know for sure she likes me for sure? and would it be OK to make small talk with that to see where things go in the interm?
Is it OK to start a relationship while ending another?
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