Do you think this boy deserved to be executed?

Here is the link about what happened:


I came across this story recently and I was telling my friends about it. If the sourced are accurate then I think he may have been innocent but I can't say he was definitely innocent (or guilty) since I wasn't there to see it. But my friends think he probably was guilty, and think that I'm sympathising with a murderer because I found the story sad. If he wasn't guilty then I think it's really sad that he was accused, his family had to leave him alone, his trial was unfair and he was executed at 14 for something he didn't do. If he really was innocent I think I'd feel a bit sadder for him because of all that happened to him, although obviously it's really sad for the girls too.

So now my friends think that if I was a judge then I'd let murderers go free and I'd think that the victims deserved what happened to them anyway, which is not what I'm saying at all. If he was guilty then yes he deserved to be punished, but I don't think I'd be in favour of the death penalty but more like life in prison. Do you think he may have been innocent or guilty? And if he was guilty do you think he should have been executed or left in prison?
Do you think this boy deserved to be executed?
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