Friend turned in to romantic interest... Guys would you ever give her a second chance?

I really need some help and advice here. Me and this guy have been getting really close these last few months. I really care. for him genuinely as a friend.

We were in his car last week and I told him that there was so much potential for him in life and that I truly believed in him. That night he texted me asking why I care so much. Then the next day we were on the phone for about 6hrs. We really got to know one another on that night, he told me a lot of personal things about himself he has never told anyone.

The next day we spoke on the phone for about 5 hrs and it was really really late. He began speaking in code and so I'm like what is it do you like me or something? He said yes he liked me a lot. That started what in hindsight I would call the biggest mistake ever. He told me he wanted to be wherever I was, that I make him feel so special and that he's been fighting back his feelings for me. We said a lot of emotionally charged things. I never had any guy say these type of things to me. He brought up marriage and I went with it, I never stopped to think. In response to his marriage statement I did say that I would wait for him to get to an appropriate age if we ever wanted to get married. etc. I reciprocated those feelings that he said back onto him. Maybe that was my mistake.

The next day he called me and we both admit that our conversation was crazy the night before. Then he says he didn't mean any of it. He said he went throughout the entire day thinking of marrying me and the second he thought of someone else he felt guilty. He said he shouldn't feel like that and I agreed and wondered why he would ever think that. Nevertheless, he said this was too much and he couldn't think about being in a relationship if "thats" what it came with. He told me that we need our space over the summer and that we don't need to be friends. After that he began deleting me off of twitter, Facebook, and instagram. I don't know if he hates me or if this is equally as hard for him. We enjoyed each others company and we have the same best friends. If anything I want our friendship back.

Do you think its possible? Guys would you ever consider this girl again? Do you think with time and maturity we both will heal?

He is 20 I am 23.
Friend turned in to romantic interest... Guys would you ever give her a second chance?
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