Becoming bald at 21 but parents won't buy me toupee. Do you think they are wrong?

I started losing my hair back when I was 17 when the hair dresser told me I was losing quite a bit when she washed my hair and cut it. I thought it wasn't gonna be an issue because my parents aren't bald. Now I am 21, and my hair is becoming very thin, you can see my scalp on a bright day through my hair. I am a very shy person to start off with and I am a person who is conscious of the way I look. I feel that being bald should be a choice, that is you are bald if you let yourself to be, not because you have to. Just because there are many bald guys out there doesn't mean I want to be like them, just like there are many overweight people out there but it doesn't justify why I should be fat. The way I think is if you can possibly look better and feel better about yourself without causing harm to society, then that's the dominant strategy, why shouldn't I take the best option if I can right? Confidence is very imoprtant, since I am already shy, being bald makes me depleted of confidence. At the moment I am always trying to hide my head from the bright light, this means I would stay in the shadow or indoor. Now I am unconciously hiding myself from friends, because being bald at 21 is very weird, especially if you are asian like myself because baldness is not so common for asian. I have addressed this problem to my parents, but they reckon that I would only need a toupee when you can see that I am bald from a far. The problem is, the reason why people want to wear toupee is to not let others know he is bald, by the time everyone knows about it, it kind of defeats the purpose. This is where I think they are wrong, don't you?

Also they are sick of listening to me telling them about my balding problem, although they are aware of the significance of the problem. They just tell me to never mention it to them again and basically no successful person worried about little things like this in his life and if I want to find a girl friend just forget I am bald and become successful. They think money will blind them or something. But hey being ugly doesn't make me successful either it will do nothing more than killing my confidence and make me less enthusiastic about everything, clearly they are wrong, don't you think?

I my opinion, they are so hesitant to buy me a toupee because it will cost them 3k per year. If it cost them 1 dollar I don't think they will hessitate. Basically, they think they are better of saving 3k per year then solving my confidence problem. Well I am still a uni student, I can barely support myself, let alone the extra 3k. Each time I remind them of my problem, they would point to someone on the street who they think is more ugly than me and say that I'll be alright. But it's funny how if they always compare the university I go to to Harvard and Cambridge when my university is already the best in Australia. I think I have unreasonable parent's don't you think?
Becoming bald at 21 but parents won't buy me toupee. Do you think they are wrong?
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