Guy has only girl friends, no guy friends?

Basically, this guy that I like has almost no guy friends but so many close girl friends.

The thing is, I'm a girl with mostly guy friends so I totally understand that whole "we're just friends" thing without any romantic interest and I realize this might sound sexiest, but (honestly) my initial thought is that if a guy has maybe 2 guy friends tops and spends most of his time with girls, he might be gay?

I understand that he could be considered a player, but he's not that kind of a guy.

Is it 'normal' for a guy to have lots of friends that are girls without any romantic interest? Honestly, I have no problem with gay people or anything like that, I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time (if that makes sense)

And if you morally object to the stereotypes and sexism present in this question, think of it this way:

Is it okay for someone to only have friends of the opposite gender?
He might be gay/a player/other (move on)
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It's perfectly 'normal' (don't worry about it)
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Other/See answer
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Guy has only girl friends, no guy friends?
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