Guy has only girl friends, no guy friends?

Basically, this guy that I like has almost no guy friends but so many close girl friends.

The thing is, I'm a girl with mostly guy friends so I totally understand that whole "we're just friends" thing without any romantic interest and I realize this might sound sexiest, but (honestly) my initial thought is that if a guy has maybe 2 guy friends tops and spends most of his time with girls, he might be gay?

I understand that he could be considered a player, but he's not that kind of a guy.

Is it 'normal' for a guy to have lots of friends that are girls without any romantic interest? Honestly, I have no problem with gay people or anything like that, I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time (if that makes sense)

And if you morally object to the stereotypes and sexism present in this question, think of it this way:

Is it okay for someone to only have friends of the opposite gender?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • That sounds like me. My closest friends are girls. There are guys that I know & maybe 2 that I may consider going somewhere with.

    I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Funny thing is I HATE that thing that gave birth to me. I honestly don't think it has any bearing on me having more friends that are girls. One would think it might be the opposite & I wouldn't like them.

    • No, nothing wrong with being gay at all. This question was more of a 'how do others view my chances of being a friend or more than a friend based on this fact'.

    • Oh,

      Their more friends. I need to be hit in the face to get the fact that she wants more.

      Send clearer signals?

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What Guys Said 4

  • It doesn't necessarily mean he's gay. I was sorta like that in high school, I had more female friends than male friends I wasn't a player or gay.

  • It could be mean anything, don't make assumptions.

    • I understand that. The problem is that we all make assumptions and I wanted to know how many others made that same assumption.

    • I make an effort to not make assumptions. :)

    • Good for you, I really truly applaud you for that. It's and admirable quality. However, most people do make assumptions and in this case, I'm almost asking for assumptions because (1) I feel bad assuming and (2) I want to understand how others might see this.

  • He's probably a pimp.

  • maybe your boyfriend thinks he a girl so he just hangs out with girls and you think you are a guy so you just hang out with guys and maybe in the future you will both get sex changes and see each other and be like omg goodbye felicia :)

    • At first I didn't know how to take this comment but I approve of it. But, I'm definitely a girl. I like my boobs too much and I hate wearing pants.

What Girls Said 2

  • I do tend to think that guys with only female friends are like a delicate flower. :]

    However, if he is straight as a ruler! Then I wouldn't compare him with a girl having only male friends, whereas I take in account that "MOST" guys befriend only those girls whom they are attracted to, and if possible would have something more than a friendship with them. and that's not just me saying it. I actually posted a question here a few months back (on my deleted profile) where most here agreed that they only befriended girls whom they were interested in as more than just friends. As oppose to girls who do actually befriend guys for their friendship and not because they are expecting something more in a not too distant future. & There is also a video of this somewhere on the internet where they randomly ask guys and girls about this stuff, and most of the guys answered that they would actually want something more, whereas the girls had no idea.

    Anyway! Either he's gay, therefore he has a bunch of female friends. OR he's straight and is interested in most of his lady friends as something more, but they remain friends because none of them are willing to have something more with him. I'd say you're wasting your time if you actually want some type of romantic relationship with him. But sometimes things do turn out! So good luck with that!

  • My first impression would be that he was gay I agree.

    • I'm glad I wasn't the only one!

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