Anyone have any idea or tips on how I can change my reputation?

Ok first let me say all the people who are going to comment & say bull like "it doesn't matter what people thing about u it matters who u are" or u dont need to change yada yada" im just going to say u can relocate ur ass somewhere else cuz im going to ignore it like the first slice of bread.
second I think I should give a little back ground information. Im in my senior year of college & im known as the goody innocent, virgin quite girl. Dont get me wrong that pretty much screams me except im only quiet because I feel like thats how people knew me so long that I can't change because it would be werid to people but I have & I wanna be more outgoing & make more friends. Also I dont wanna be known as the good virgin girl anymore. Im not saying I wanna become a huge whore I just want to make out wih more guys and I just want people to question rather im a virgin or not just not assume im one, people dont even ask me anymore they just assume im still one cuz thats how people know me. I want to be known as the outgoing cool bitch, independent girl. i dont know where to start. I have three months to change my whole reputation at school, its kinda like a challenge for me lol. Does any one have any other tips to help me succeed? I only have a few friends so I think I should start by getting friends but I also know I should get more involved with guy but does anyone else have any tips? Either on how to make new friends and to get more guys to hit on you or something other then that? Really im not just doing this for my rep. I go to parties but guys dont make a move on me hardly unless he's really outgoing because they think I dont like being hit on and I go crazy at parties but people think its because im drunk and im not even most of the time, I just wanna feel more comfortable being myself and I wanna over do it a little so people see the real me. Im tired of feeling like a caged bird trapped behind this mask thats not even my face anymore.
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*Senior year of high school
Anyone have any idea or tips on how I can change my reputation?
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